The Jeanneau range of boats represents a modern, safe and attractive design together with affordability. Here at YACHTS.CO, we offer you the full range of Jeanneau sailboats and yachts at competitive prices. 

YACHTS.CO are main Jeanneau dealers for the Jeanneau Yacht range, please see above for the full range of Jeanneau Yachts that are available with us.

The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey boats are the backbone to the history and design of the Jeanneau brand.  Feel like something with a racing pedigree? Why not take a look at the Sun Odyssey Performance version, upgraded to get even more out of your Sun Odyssey.  The Sun Odyssey Deck Saloon range, offers space and excellent cruising capabilities with its groundbreaking design.  Finally the Jeanneau Yachts are the flagships of the Jeanneau range.



Jeanneau Sun Odyssey

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey DS

Jeanneau Yachts