New Models From Quicksilver Boats

YACHTS.CO is thrilled to bring you the changes for the 2020 lineup to the Quicksilver Power Outboard range of Pilothouse and Weekend cruisers which will be available this coming season. 

Quicksilver 805 Pilothouse YACHTS.CO 01Pilothouse

First up we have the all new Pilothouse boats, the Quicksilver 805 Captur and Quicksilver 705 Captur – available in one of two configurations both these boats can be configured either as all out fishing machines or as fast weekend cruisers with the option for a spot of fishing still available. There will be a new 625 Captur to join these two in 2021. 

The Hull Concept

One of the first things that draws your eye on the new range is that they both include a wider beam for stability, a fast chined underside to the boat generating grip and lift with a scalloped forward part of the bow for stability and for good wave handling ability whilst making sure the deck stays dry and clear of water.

Driven by the Best

The accompanying range of Mercury outboards Inline 4 and V6 Fourstroke engines are lauded by the industry as the very best available, backed by some of the most forward thinking marine engineers and technology these engines have been award winning and have taken the industry by storm both on new boats and with repowers.

Best of all the new Quicksilver models are designed to take the new power-plants comfortably with an upgraded transom allowing you to fit larger engines than the predecessors. In the case of the Quicksilver 705 it is not only a comfortable upgrade on the predecessor but also offers the most powerful outboard solution for its class with the Mercury V6 & V8 range of outboards, nothing else can match it. 

Two Boats, Four Versions

The true trick of the Quicksilver 705 & 805 Captur is how the design team, listening too feedback from the wide variety of people who buy their boats realised a need for a diverse and customisable boat to match diverse needs of their customers. As a result they came up with the concept of having one boat but with the option to vary the cabin layout massively providing basically two different models built on the same foundations for both the Quicksilver 805 Captur and the Quicksilver 705 Captur – these are referred to as the ‘Fish’ version, as the name would suggest most geared for fishing from and ‘Nordic’ version which leans more in the direction of cruising offering cabin features more dedicated to pursuits of a more cruising nature.

Even within these two ‘versions’ both boats still offer a huge amount of options and versatility so that a prospective buyer is able to specify and create their own boat to suit their specific needs from Bowthrusters to state of the art Simrad or Lowrance electronics

Both boats come with options for additional rod holders, live bait wells, additional external seating, curtains, heating and much more besides allowing the individual boats to be customised to your own specific requirements. The flexibility of the design is truly down to you and allows you to specify the boat of your dreams. 

One more thing….

The Pilothouse boats aren’t the only new boats in the line-up, also delivered to the market alongside several new models in Quicksilvers market beating Activ SunDeck, Cabin and Open ranges they are also bringing us an all new Quicksilver Weekend 675 Activ Cruiser, designed with cruising in mind for all the family with plenty of seating a large berth forward, covetable dinette, bow sun-lounger and large fully equipped galley. 

This new Quicksilver 675 Weekend will offer a larger cabin that the pilothouse equivalent with the foredeck given over to sun lounging and the aft deck offering flexible seating, sun lounging and dining layouts. 

Set to be a true gem of a boat and follow in the footsteps of its award winning larger yard-mates it comprises innovative thinking throughout and a use of space unparalleled amongst the competition it is well worthwhile keeping an eye out for this boat at the boat shows or even just visiting 

Exciting times indeed for the Quicksilver range and for anyone looking to purchase one of these boats you’re encouraged to contact our team YACHTS.CO who will be happy to give you more information and arrange a viewing with your local office.